Our origin story.

Founded by a doctor and engineer, Liv and Aaron were frustrated with companies forcing the responsibility of waste onto consumers.

Planera is a new breed of responsible company; one that fulfils a broken promise.

We're here to create everyday essentials that protect you and our planet.

And the team making it happen.

Dr. Olivia Ahn

CEO & Co-founder

I was shocked to find out that biodegradable pads still end up in landfill. I love creating products that give us an easy and convenient way to stop permanent waste.

Aaron Koshy

COO & Co-founder

People should not be forced to create permanent waste every month by companies that have not innovated.
 Our waste should not outlive us.

Fran Morrison

Head of Marketing

Being part of a purpose-led company is what gets me out of bed in the morning. I know that every product, communication or campaign we create will have a positive impact on our planet.

Sebastian Macnair-Smith

Engineering Lead

I am astounded at the level of pollution in nature caused by people. Planera is going to finally make periods zero waste.

Join the movement.

We’re here to make conscious living so easy it becomes subconscious.
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