The next batch of pads are in production, join the waiting list to get a ping when they’re ready.

We're working on increasing our production capacity, but thankfully, people like you are seeing the benefit in making the switch to a flushable pad. We genuinely think it's worth the wait, hopefully you'll agree.

"I’m excited to make the switch"

Our next batch of flushable pads is well on its way now - leave a couple of details and we’ll let you know when they’re available to order.

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When will the next batch be available?

Each new batch of Planera pads goes through a full loop of feedback, development and testing, before being made available to buy. Join the waiting list and we’ll send you an email on the first of every month!

Priority access for our community

We open the store every month - be quick as we usually sell out in a few hours! We are working on scaling up production at our factory in East London so we can make enough pads for everyone.

Everything we give you is designed for disposal

The cardboard is made from FSC certified trees and we use biodegradable tape and ink. Flush our pads away and recycle the box. We are working on making the delivery carbon neutral.

Sourcing material and running tests

Our pads go through rigorous testing and development to ensure that they are high performing and always improving. This way we guarantee protection and security no matter what your lifestyle.

Made in East London

We swap our lab coats for overalls as we make as many pads as we can for the store opening next month.