1. Is it safe to flush a Planera Sanitary pad down my toilet?

Planera's pads have been successfully and independently tested in accordance with the UK's water industry specification for flushability testing (WIS 4-02-06) – so yes, you can confidently flush us away.

The pad breaks down in two parts. First, with the hydraulic action of your toilet flush, the layers of the pad get pulled apart and can start making its way down the drain line. Then, the 3mm cellulose fibres loosen and break apart. These steps ensure that your pad will have disintegrated by the time it reaches your local municipal plant and can be treated along with toilet paper and sewage.

Remember! Planera’s sanitary pads are the only sanitary products you can safely flush away. Don’t try this with other sanitary products!

2. If I have a heavy flow, can I use Planera’s sanitary pads?

Our proprietary UpFlowTM technology works by absorbing the blood from the top of the pad, traps it in the core where the barrier protects you. Our pads have been tested for up to 24 hours in the lab, in 8ml of real blood (no blue liquid). An average 5 day period is estimated at 20-35ml of blood, so our pads provide protection for a medium to heavy flow.

We recommend you wear Planera pads for a maximum of 8 hours.

3. When will I get my free trial pack?

We are a small but mighty team of people at Planera who are working hard to fulfil the trial boxes that so many people have signed up for. We have already sent out hundreds of boxes and promise we will get to everyone as soon as possible.

We appreciate your patience and please bear with us!

4. What is the difference between an organic pad and a Planera pad?

Organic pads contain one or more layers of typically organic cotton. Organic products do not use chemical fertilizer or pesticides – which means no artificial chemicals will harm the user, but unfortunately does not mean that it’s kind to the planet.

Other layers in an organic pad can still contain single-use plastic which doesn’t degrade away. There still remains the question of how to sustainably dispose of the organic pads, as they still get incinerated, stuck in waterways or end up in landfill.

We took out ALL unsustainable additives such as the glue sprayed in between the layers, the harmful super-absorbant polymer in the core and of course got rid of the plastic backing. We use well-known natural materials that are used in agriculture (safe for human consumption, so safe for pads), food processing (definitely safe for you) as well as develop new water-dispersible and biodegradable glue for the pad to stick to your underwear.

Every time you use Planera, you can be confident that you are not harming yourself or the planet.

5. What sizes are available?

We currently have one size of pad available: a winged regular-sized pad, that has medium-heavy absorbency. Soon we'll be expanding the range into long night pads and smaller liners.

6. How do I use a Planera pad?

You wear it the same way as a conventional pad. Peel from wrapper and stick in your underwear.

Planera gives you the choice of disposal whichever works best for you. Bin it or flush it - it is your choice.

7. Can I buy these now and how much do they cost?

We’re only fulfilling trial orders at this moment. We have not yet released the price of our pads as we are scaling our production. Stay tuned and we will be opening our store soon!