The dirty truth about where our period products end up.

There is currently no sustainable way to dispose of period products. They will end their life in landfill, waterways or incinerators. All of these disposal methods result in permanent and irreversible pollution. Over 3 million tonnes of microplastics are created from pads alone.

We designed flushable pads to break this cycle for good.

Our solution to the plastic crisis.

How does your pad compare?

Your pad's journey does not stop at the bin. 
Read below to find out the environmental impact of period pads.

Permanent Plastic Pads

These pads contain up to 90% plastic and are the most commonly used form of period protection globally.

Time to degrade: 500 years
Flushable?: No
Annual C02 contribution: 5.9kg
Microplastics?: Yes

Permanent Organic Pads

These will degrade, but only in specific circumstances, and sadly still leave behind microplastics.

Time to degrade: 80 years
Flushable?: No
Annual C02 contribution: 5.1kg
Microplastics?: Yes

Flushable Planera Pads

70% Plant-based. Zero microplastics. Made from just three materials and will disappear before your next period.

Time to degrade: <30 Days
Flushable?: Yes
Annual C02 contribution: 2.7kg
Microplastics?: No

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