World’s only
flushable pads.

No more dirty bins or plastic in our oceans.

Make the switch

No microplastics. No waste. No worries.

No more dirty bins

We redesigned the pad so you don’t need to touch dirty bins. More hygienic, discreet, and convenient.

Protecting our planet

Guaranteed zero microplastics and halves your carbon emissions with every flush.

Join Generation Zero Waste

We believe our waste should not outlive us. Join the movement to free our planet from permanent waste.

Join the movement.

We’re here to make conscious living so easy it becomes subconscious.
One of the easiest switches you’ll ever make.

47p per pad

15 Pads


Letterbox friendly

One-off purchase

40p per pad

40 Pads


Delivered every 2 months

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Trusted by people who have periods.

10/10 for comfort. Super soft and comfortable. I forgot I was wearing a pad!

Mary, 39, Dancer

The comfort and all-round convenience of Planera pads makes it a perfect add-on to my cup at home and on the go.

Margaux, 26, NGO Project Coordinator

After trying Planera's flushable pads, I can't go back. The fact it is flushable is insane.

Ancilla, 24, Marketing Manager

It just makes sense to make pads flushable. I don't need to deal with bins anymore.

Chloe, 29, GP

I can't live without these pads now.

Emma, 29, Pharmacist

I want to do my part for the climate crisis. This is an easy change to make - flushing your pad to stop microplastics and save carbon? No brainer.

Roya, 22, Student

...and backed by those that know a thing or two.

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