Flushable pads for people with periods.

Sustainability shouldn’t be a compromise. Using responsible materials and processes, we’ve created the first period product that’s been designed for disposal. Certified flushable and 100% biodegradable. Reduce your carbon footprint with a flush.

What Our Customers Say

‘After trying Planera’s sanitary pads, I can’t go back. The fact that it is flushable is insane!’

Ancilla, 24, Marketing Manager

‘10/10 for comfort. I love them so much. And still can’t believe that a flushable pad is now available!’

Gabi, 26, Strategic Planning Officer

‘The comfort and all-round convenience of Planera pads make them the perfect add-on to my menstrual cup both at home and on the go.’

Margaux, 28, NGO Project coordinator

‘I hate touching dirty bins. It seems obvious to create a flushable pad - we don’t put toilet paper in the bin! Love this’

Emma, 29, Pharmacist

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Certified Flushable

Other pads take 500 years to degrade. Our pads take minutes. Made from just 3 materials: plant fibres, tree sap, and our unique water-dispersible, biodegradable polymer.

Once flushed, PLANERA pads break down into small plant fibres that are processed into clean water, energy and fertiliser. Zero micro plastics.

Patent-pending design absorbs 8ml of blood quicker than the global market leading pad.

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