Modern Essentials Should Not Cost the Earth

Sustainability doesn’t have to be a compromise.
Using sustainable materials and processes, we are rethinking sanitary pads to be higher performing, safer on your skin, and more convenient than single-use plastics.
Naturally better.

Certified Flushable

Planera’s pads are the first certified flushable pads on the market. Using the hydraulic action of your toilet, the pad will break down without ending up in landfills or incinerators.
Rapidly biodegrading away with no waste, no microplastics. No compromise.

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Barrier Protection

Our UpFlow™ barrier locks blood in our super absorbent core for any-day protection.
Inspired by leaves, the barrier is impervious to blood from the top of the pad proving that biodegradable materials can outperform single-use plastics.

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Safer for your Skin

Our natural materials ensure no nasty chemicals, no dioxins, no perfumes - no unnecessary additives.

All our layers have been carefully developed to be safe for you and the planet.

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Try the world's only certified flushable and biodegradable sanitary pad

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